Contributing to the Portainer Project

How to setup the development environment

Note: Make sure you have installed the dependencies for this project on your Mac or Linux machine before continuing this tutorial.

Note 2: Windows is currently not supported by the Portainer development environment.


Step 1: Navigate to the folder you wish to store the code for the Portainer project. This can be anywhere such as on your desktop or in your downloads folder.

Step 2: Download the Portainer project:

git clone

Step 3: Navigate into the Portainer project you downloaded:

cd portainer

Step 4: Install the development dependencies:


Step 5: Build and run the project:

yarn start

You should now be able to access Portainer at http://localhost:9000

Tip: The frontend application will be updated when you save your changes to any of the sources (app/*/.js, assets/css/app.css or index.html). Just refresh the browser :)

Contribution Guidelines

Please follow the contribution guidelines on the repository when contributing to the Portainer codebase.


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