Release Notes

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Release 2.4


  • Pods without workloads are now displayed as applications
  • Improved UI/UX of configurations for creation / edition
  • Introduced request of confirmation upon volume removal
  • Introduced the advanced deployment panel to each resource list view
  • Updated validation to prevent a user from exposing an application over an external load balancer with mixed protocols
  • Introduced the ability to display the access policy associated to the storage of a volume
  • Clarified advanced deployment feature
  • Clarified sensitive configuration creation
  • Clarified ingress controller configuration in the cluster setup view
  • Renamed the create entry from file button when creating a configuration
  • Improved validation warnings in the application creation / edition views
  • Removed extra whitespace in stacks and storage datatables
  • Fixed issue with access management feature on resource pools
  • Fixed issue with ability to retrieve configs when a config is a binary file
  • Fixed issue with advanced deployment feature on agent and Edge agent endpoints
  • Fixed an issue that would mark a sensitive configuration as external without owner after an update
  • Fixed issue with access to configuration details view for a configuration containing binary data
  • Fixed labels to display system labels first in the node details view
  • Fixed refresh issue on the view with the YAML panel selected
  • Fixed invalid display issue when accessing the load balancer panel from the application panel
  • Fixed issue when accessing the cluster setup incorrectly expanding the Endpoint sidebar
  • Fixed issue with exposed configuration keys over filesystem inside an application not being applied
  • Fixed issue when Adding a key to existing used configuration that would throw an error when editing an application using that configuration
  • Fixed an issue with the form validation in the configuration creation view
  • Fixed issue with resource pool “created” attribute not showing actual creation time
  • Fixed issue with ability to apply a note to a Pod type application
  • Fixed issue with creating Kubernetes resources with a username longer than 63 characters
  • Fixed issue with special characters in usernames when creating Kubernetes resources
  • Fixed issue with ability to retrieve config map error when trying to manager newly create resource pool ​

Activity Logging ​

  • Introduced user authentication activity logging
  • Introduced user activity logging ​


  • Introduced new RBAC “Operator” Role
  • Fixed issue with user in 2 team with mix of helpdesk & endpoint admin resulting in the user having permissions of endpoint admin ​

Registries ​

  • Fixed issue causing Portainer to forget the password associated to a registry after an update
  • Fixed issue preventing the registry manager feature to work properly with a ProGet registry
  • Improved description for advanced mode usage with private registries ​

Swarm ​

  • Introduced validation to prevent adding a mount with nothing filled to and exiting service
  • Fixed issue in service creation, switching to bind mode from volume mode with a volume selected fills the host field with {object Object} ​

Stacks ​

  • Introduced support for creating stacks with the same name across different endpoints
  • Introduced extra stack information: creation, last update time and user who created the stack
  • Minor UX change for the start/stop stack action
  • Fixed issue with ability to use private registries with Standalone stacks
  • Fixed issue showing editor tab on limited stacks when it should not
  • Fixed issue when editing a stack, hitting backspace or delete keys with contents of web editor selected hides the entire editor UI element
  • Fixed issue with stack create via API with a regular user account are incorrectly marked as administrator only
  • Fixed issue of error being displayed when creating a stack on docker standalone despite the stack is created
  • Fixed issue of stacks being created via API incorrectly marked private with no owner ​

Docker ​

  • Introduced support for Compose > v2 when deploying a stack on a Docker standalone environment
  • Introduced the ability to download log file from Docker container/service views
  • Display labels in Image Details
  • Clarify the description of the restrict external access to the network property when creating a network ​

User Management ​

  • Automatically lowercase username when authenticating users
  • Update the authentication UX to put an emphasis on OAuth when OAuth is enabled ​


  • Introduced the ability to backup / restore Portainer
  • Fixed issue of version not being shown correctly after update
  • Support starting Portainer without having to specify any endpoint ​


  • Introduced RBAC to ACI
  • Introduced UAC to ACI ​

Minor Changes​

  • Removed the new version check
  • Changed the license server errors to be a silent fail for offline environments
  • Added JS source map for Portainer UI

Release 2.0.1


Fix an issue preventing a user from creating Kuberneres resources if they have a @ character in their username

Users with a @ character in their username were not able to create the following Kubernetes resources:

  • Resource pool
  • Application
  • Configuration

Fix platform issues with the Docker image for Portainer Business

The Docker image can now be successfully deployed on the following platforms:

  • Linux ARM64
  • Linux ARM

Minor update to the license server mechanism

The license server mechanism has been updated.

Release 2.0.0

Initial Release of Portainer Business

Latest release notes for Community Edition are availble here


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