Enable Microsoft Active Directory authentication

Portainer Business Edition, offer you the posibility to connect to a existent Microsoft Active Directory to manage your authentication settings in Portainer. In this help article, we going to explan how to configure it.

Configuring Active Directory in Portainer

AD Configuration

To start to configure Active Directory authentication, go to Settings > Authentication and select Microsoft Active Directory.


Now, you can start to configure your Active Directory. To start, you need to define a few details:

  • AD Controller: Here, you can enter the FQDN or IP address of your Domain Controller.
  • Service Account: Witch would be the account that we handle the connection with AD and search users.
  • Service Account Password: Password for this account.


AD Connectivity Security

Here, you can define, the following options:

  • Use StartTLS: Enable this option if want to use StartTLS to secure the connection to the server. Ignored if Use TLS is selected.
  • Use TLS: Enable this option if you need to specify TLS certificates to connect to the LDAP server.
  • Skip verification of server certificate: Skip the verification of the server TLS certificate. Not recommended on unsecured networks.


User search configurations

  • In this section, you can configure the Username format. This is how your users will log in to Portainer, the options are using Username or a full username user@domain.com
  • Root Domain: Will use the domain of the address to the Domain Controller.
  • User Search Path (optional): Here you can define differents OU or Folder.
  • Allowed Groups (optional): You can specify specific groups of the directory to access to Portainer.
  • User Filter: Is filled by default according to OpenLDAP configuration.


Teams auto-population configurations

  • Group Search Path (optional): Here you can define differents OU or Folder.
  • Group Base DN: Will be used the DN used when you authenticate to the Domain Controller.
  • Groups: Here you can define differents OU or Folder.
  • Group Filter: Is filled default according to OpenLDAP configuration.


Test Login

If you want to know if your configuration is valid, you can run a test login from the configuration of Active Directory settings. Scroll down to Test Login Section, fill with a valid user and password and do a click in Test. If everything is work as expected, you will see a check beside of the button.



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