Github OAuth Provider

Portainer Business can be connected to Github OAuth provider in an easy way without need to understand complex configuration.


You will need to have the following info handy before configuring OAuth using Github Provider.

  • Client ID: Public identifier of the OAuth Application.
  • Client Secret: The secret of this client.

You can obtain these details by following the steps below:

  1. Login to Github as an Org Admin, Select “OAuth Apps” from Develop Settings sub menu in the left sidebar Github

  2. Click on “Register an application” Github In “Application Name” enter a friendly name In “Homepage URL” and “Authorisation callback URL”, text boxes, enter the full URL to your Portainer instance, and then click “Register Application” Github

  3. Note your Client ID and Client Secret, and record for later use. Github


To start to configure Github OAuth Provider, once you logged into Portainer, click Settings and then authentication. After that, select OAuth option and then, select Github.

Define the following information and click Save settings.

  • Client ID
  • Client Secret


Manage access to OAuth Team and Users

To understand how to enable access to OAuth Teams and Users, please, refer to this article.


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