View Containers Logs

Viewing container logs is one of the most important features for troubleshooting and investigation.

Viewing Containers Logs

To view a container logs, click Containers and then select your container.


Then click Logs


In the following screen, you will see a few options:

  • Auto-refresh logs: Disabling this option allows you to pause the logs collection process and the auto-scrolling.
  • Wrap lines: To allow easier reading of long lines of logs.
  • Display timestamps: this options is useful when you need to find specific time and date logs.
  • Fetch: This option allows you to filter the logs by day, hours or minutes.
  • Search: You can find specific words in the logs, very useful for finding specific errors.
  • Lines: Specify how many lines you want to the see in the logs; default is 100.
  • Actions: You can copy all the logs displayed or a select number of lines.



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