Deploy an Edge Stack

This feature allows the deployment of multiple applications to multiple endpoints from a single screen and multiple sources.

Edge stacks lets you deploy an app to all selected edge endpoints concurrently, regardless of their current state (online, disconneted, new).

Deploying an Edge Stack

  1. Select Edge Stacks and then 2. Click Add stack.


Next 1. Name your stack and 2. select one or more Edge Groups.

  1. In the Build Methond you need to define how to deploy your app from one of these options:

  2. Web Editor: You can use our web editor to write or paste a docker-compose file.

  3. Upload: Upload a docker-compose.yml file from your computer
  4. Repository: Use a git repository where the compose file is.
  5. Template: Use an Edge stack template.

  6. Once complete, click Deploy stack



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