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Build Image

Portainer allows you to create/build new images from a friendly UI. You can define your build in three ways:

  • Web Editor: You can use our web editor to build your image.
  • Upload: If you already have a dockerfile, you can upload to Portainer to build that image.
  • URL: If the dockerfile is hosted in Internet, you can download directly to Portainer and build the image.

Building an Image using our web editor

Go to Images and click Build a new image.


In the next screen, you need to define a name for your image and start to write your dockerfile in the editor.

Note: You can define multiple names for you image.


When you're ready, scrolldown, select the node you going to save the image to and click Build the image



When the building process is complete, you need to click in the tab Output and you will see the build history and the result. If everything works as expected, you will see a similar output to this:



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