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Add a Business Edition License

If you add more nodes to your environment and want to manage with Portainer Business Edition, you need to upgrade your license to fit the numbers of nodes. Once you have the right license for the quantity of nodes, you need to add this license in Portainer Configuration.

Adding / Upgrading a Business Edition License

To add new licenses to your current instance of Portainer, go to Licenses and click Add license


Add your new license and click Submit.


If everything goes well, you will see your quantity of nodes licensed increases and your new license added.


Adding multiple licenses

If you buy more than one license, you can add it in a single process. Go to Add License and click Add License.


When all the licenses are entered, click Summit

Removing a License

Note: If you have a single license installed in your Portainer instance, you cannot remove the license because at least one is needed.

To remove a license, go to Licenses, select the license you want to remove and click Remove.


You will ask for confirmation. If you're sure, click Remove.


And you're done, you have removed the license.



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