Edge Groups

Edge Groups allows you to create groups of Edge endpoints based on a manual selection or synamically through tags. This feature is very useful when you manage multiple Edge Endpoints in multiple zones.

To create a group, 1. go to Edge Groups and then 2. click Add Edge Group.


  1. Enter a Name and then 2. select either Static or Dynamic.


  1. Select the Endpoints you want to add to that group 4. These should then appear in the table on the right and finally 5. Click Add edge group



  1. If you choose Dynamic you must choose between two options to match via Tags your Edge endpoints:

  2. Partial Match: Associate any endpoint matching at least one of the selected tags. (Each endpoint can have multiple tags).

  3. Full Match: Associate any endpoint matching all of the selected tags.

  4. Type the tag and endpoints with that tag will appear in the screen. Finally, click Add edge group



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