Create a configuration

From Portainer you can create Configurations files outside a service’s image or running containers. This allows you to keep your images as generic as possible, without the need to bind-mount configuration files into the containers or use environment variables.

Creating a configuration

To create a configuration, click Configurations and then click Add configuration.


In the next screen, you need to define the following:

  • Name: Name your configuration.
  • Namespace/Resource Pool: Where the configuration is going to be saved.
  • Configuration Type:
  • Non-sensitive: This configuration holds non-sensitive information.
  • Sensitive: This configuration holds sensitive information like passwords or certificates

In the data section, clicking Advanced Mode allows you to define your configuration in YAML format. If you would prefer not to use advanced mode, you can create entries using the fields below or taking from a file.

Once you have set your configuration, click Create configuration



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