From Portainer CE 2.6 on, Resource Pool(s) has been renamed to Namespace(s) to be aligned with Kubernetes lingo.

Create a Namespace/Resource Pool

The Namespaces/Resource Pools are helpful when multiple teams are using the same cluster and there is potential collision, you can prevent this by using a virtual wall between multiple clusters. In this help article, you will learn how to create a Namespace/Resource Pool using Portainer.

Creating a Namespace/Resource Pool

Go to Namespaces/Resource Pools and then click Add Namespace/Resource pool.


In the next screen, you need to name your resource pool, assign a quota (Optional), set the resource limits of that quota indicating how much memory and CPU is assigned to this Namespace/Resource Pool.

When everything is set, click Create resource pool.


If everything works as expected, you will see a pop up confirming the creation of this resource pool.



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