Enable Edge Computing features

In today’s world you can easily have hundreds - if not thousands - of Docker-enabled devices in your environment. Most of these systems run without any form of clustering or run a lean orchestrator such as Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

Remote devices may be distributed across multiple sites and/or across many different networks, some may even be attached to the internet using mobile data or satellite. To be managed effectively, engineers need a way to control distributed instances centrally, which is exactly what Portainer does with Edge Computer Features.

Enabling Edge Compute Features

First you must enable Edge Compute in the Portainer Settings.

  1. Click Settings and scroll down to Edge Compute section.

  2. Enable the toggle and 3. click Save Settings


After that, you will see that a few options appear in the side menu.


More Resources

Take a look to the Edge section in the User Guide to see how to use it.


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