Create a template from a deployed Stack

In Portainer, you can create an App template from deployed Stacks. This is really useful when you need to deploy the same stack several times.

How to creating a Template from a Stack

Select Stacks and select the desired and already deployed stack.


Then click Create Template from stack.


Now define some properties for this new template:

  • Title: Name your new template.
  • Description: Short description about your template.
  • Notes: You can write notes about this template.
  • Icon URL: You can set up a icon from a URL
  • Platform: Here, you need to define if your template is ready for use in Linux or Windows environments.
  • Type: Choose between Swarm and Docker Standalone.

You can also upload another compose file from your computer or a Github repository if needed.

Once this has been defined, you can add more services to your template.


Once complete click create custom template.



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